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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Date Format in Template


I added a due date in Statement, but the due date is in 2/3/2012, i want


You may set the date format inside the Report Designer.

1. Open your Tempalte in Report Designer.

2. Click on the Date object, then click on the ">" on the rop right of the object.
Date Format in Invoice

3. On the popup, click on "..." beside "Format String".
Date Format in Invoice

4. On the FormatString Editor, choose your desire date format.
Date Format in Invoice

Decimal Place problem


I enter value 14,00 but when I save the amout become 1400.00.


The problem is caused by the decimal symbol. Please set if in your computer's Control Panel/Regional and Language Option, click on button "Customize this format", enter "," as Decimal Symbol and "." as Degit grouping symbol.

Decimal Place in Invoice Amount

Friday, May 11, 2012

I do not want decimal place for "Quantity"


In my invoice I want the "Quantity" displayed as 10 instead of 10.00, may I know how to round the rigure.

Quantity Decimal Place


You cannot set the decimal place in the Invoice input form but you can set it in the template.

1.  You will need to create your own Invoice template. Please visit to view our demo on how to custom made your own Invoice template.

2.  In the Invoice Report Designer, click on the "Quantity" object in "Detail Report" section. Click on the ">" of the right top of "Quantity" object.
Set Quantity Decimal Place

3. On the popup "Label Task", click on the "..." button beside "Format String" column.
Label Decimal Place

4. On the popup "Format String Editor", set the string format to "###,###,##0".
Format String Editor

5. Click OK, and save your Invoice template by click on the Save icon on the top left of the Report Designer.

6. Now print your invoice with this new template and the Quantity will shows value without decimal place.
Quantity without Decimal Place

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Unable to Import Inventory


I am unable to actually import my inventory via excel, even with the template given and downloaded and also added in I still had problem importing it with error.


It might due to your excel file size is too big.  The easier way is to break it into several files in smaller size (about 500-1000 recirds per file).  If you still hit error in smaller file, it might due to your Office's driver is not up to date, please download the file from , click and install the component to your computer. It is a component from Microsoft, for more information please visit

If after installing the component update you still face the same error, please contact Xin Cube Support at by providing your excel files with data for further investigation.

How to calculate the "Cost"?


If I go to: Report/Sales/Sales Profit, there is a column with title "Cost". How can I add the cost to the job?

Sales Profit


The cost can only be calculated if you have inventory.

1. Please go to Inventory page. Under "Cost" category, you may set the Cost and the Unit Price (Selling Price) of your Inventory.
Inventory Cost and Unit Price

2. Create your invoice and select this inventory to your invoice item. Save and generate your invoice. 
Calculate Cost of Invoice

3. Now the cost will be calculated to the Sales Profit Report.
Calculate Cost in Sales Profit


Unable to Register


I've purchased the program Xin Invoice 3.0 and when I try to register it gives me an error saying I am not connected to internet . I'm always connected to the net please let me know how to fix it thanks


The problem might be due to you have installed some anti-virus software that blocks Xin program from connecting to our server. It is also possible caused by some memory tweek program in your computer.

If you encounter such problem, please contact Xin Cube Support at, we will assist you individually.

Template does not work


I purchased your product, and created my own template. However, even after setting it as 'default template'. I cannot get it to use the template. Would you please help me?
1.  After you define your default template in Setting/Template, the default template will be auto selected when you create a new Customer
Define Default Template
Define Default Template
When you create new customer, the template will be default selected as what you defined in Setting/Template
Create New Customer
2. After creating customer with the Default Template for him, create your Invoice for this Customer. When you print the invoice by clicking the Print button, it will be printed by the default selected template.
3. To verify it, click on the Dropdown of the Print button, the default template is selected. You may also print it with other template by selecting other template from the dropdown list.
Print Invoice with Default Template

Already Paid but Did Not Receive Anything


I've already made payment to Xin Invoice 3.0 but did not receive anything.


We will send out the Purchase Confirmation email with the licence key to you once you have made the payment. There are few possibilities of delay:

1. The payment is on hold for verification by PayPal. Sometimes it will take few days for the verification process and once it is done, the purchase confirmation will be sent.

2. The purchase confirmation has been sent to your junk mail folder, please check your junk mail folder.

3. When you do the purchase, you've entered an invalid email accidentally.

If you still do not receive any email after a week, please contact Xin Cube Support at

Xin Doesn't have the Packing list


I need to print Packing List but Xin Doesn't have the Packing list.


There is a "Print DN" button on Invoice page where you can print your Delivery Note. You may change the template title to "Packing List" by creating your own Packing List template. Please refer to

Print Delivery Note in Xin Invoice 3.0.

If you need to have a separate Packing List module instead of print directly from Invoice, please download Xin Inventory 1.0 30 days free trial from It has an independant Delivery Note module.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Print 4 pages instead of 2


Could you please tell me how to when print a custom made quote or invoice, lets say that the actual quote is 2 pages but your system will print 4 pages,

page 1 will have the description which is good
page 2 will be blank no good
page 3 will have the rest of the details to complete the invoice or quote which is good then page 4 will be blank no good, at the bottom of each page is 1 of 4 ,2 of 4, 3 of 4 and 4of 4.but should read 2 of 2 only.

How can I fix?


It is due to your object in report designer is not arranged correctly in the Report Designer. Please make sure all objects are arrange within the 2 vertical lines in the Report Designer.

Correct Layout:

Correct Layout in Invoice Template

Incorrect Layout

Incorrect Layout in Invoice Template

Can Xin Invoice support multiple users?


We need multi-user usage, can you please advise whether it can be accessed by multi-user through network?


No. Xin Invoice 3.0 is a standalone program that does not support multiple users by network. If you wish to have a network version invoice software, please download Xin Inventory 2.0 from to try the network version invoice software. For Xin Invoice 3.0, there is some feedback from our existing users that they manage to make it network accessible by using Dropbox.

Here are some suggestion from our users who use Dropbox.

First suggestion: 
Download the latest version of Xin Invoice and install it to your main DropBox folder (i.e. C:\users\username\DropBox\Xin\XinInvoice)
After installation, create a desktop shortcut pointing to the new install..
On all other networked (via DropBox) computers, simply access the DropBox folder and create another desktop shortcut.

Second suggestion:
You can download a program at what this does is create a constant redirection.
So you copy all the Xin attachment folders and company database to the dropbox and then create a redirect in the Xin installation folder pointing it to the dropbox folder location.

Although we do not stop our users from doing this, Xin Cube does not provide further support on any issue arises due to using Xin Invoice in Dropbox.

I do not have credit card, how do I make purchase?


I do not have a credit card, how to I purchase Xin Invoice 3.0 software license?


You can make a payment via TT or Western Union. Please contact our support personnel for further information at

Display Total Quantity in Invoice


How can I have total of quantity column billed to be printed at bottom of qty column in the invoice?


This feature is not available in Xin Invoice 3.0 but it is available in Xin Inventory 1.0. Please download Xin Inventory 1.0 30 days free trial from

Display Bank Information in Invoice


I want to create Quotation and Proforma Invoice.  I would like to know how to I enter Bank Information to my invoice?


There are several option to put bank information to your Invoice:

Option 1. You may place it in "Note" field. Just set your bank information in Setting/Document column Default Note. When you generate Invoice, the default note will be included to your Invoice.

Enter your default bank information in Setting/Document Setting/Invoice Note.
Default Invoice Note

When you create your new invoice, the default Invoice Note will be auto populated to your invoice.
Invoice Input Form

Option 2. Create your own template and write your bank information into the template. Please visit to view our demo on how to create your own template.

Option 3. Use Xin Inventory 1.0 instead of Xin Invoice 3.0. Xin Inventory inclusives of all features from Xin Invoice 3.0, plus additional features such as Purchase Order, Stock Management, Cuztomizable input form, Price Level, Taxation Formula and many more. Please download the 30 days free trial from . Create your bank information column by customize your own input field.

Monday, May 7, 2012

One Time Payment? Yearly Renewal?


Is this software a one time payment or need to be renewal? Please let us know and the current price.


The cost for Xin Invoice 3.0 is one time payment, there is no yearly renewal fee needed. To check the latest price of the software, please visit