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Friday, May 11, 2012

I do not want decimal place for "Quantity"


In my invoice I want the "Quantity" displayed as 10 instead of 10.00, may I know how to round the rigure.

Quantity Decimal Place


You cannot set the decimal place in the Invoice input form but you can set it in the template.

1.  You will need to create your own Invoice template. Please visit to view our demo on how to custom made your own Invoice template.

2.  In the Invoice Report Designer, click on the "Quantity" object in "Detail Report" section. Click on the ">" of the right top of "Quantity" object.
Set Quantity Decimal Place

3. On the popup "Label Task", click on the "..." button beside "Format String" column.
Label Decimal Place

4. On the popup "Format String Editor", set the string format to "###,###,##0".
Format String Editor

5. Click OK, and save your Invoice template by click on the Save icon on the top left of the Report Designer.

6. Now print your invoice with this new template and the Quantity will shows value without decimal place.
Quantity without Decimal Place

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