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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Template does not work


I purchased your product, and created my own template. However, even after setting it as 'default template'. I cannot get it to use the template. Would you please help me?
1.  After you define your default template in Setting/Template, the default template will be auto selected when you create a new Customer
Define Default Template
Define Default Template
When you create new customer, the template will be default selected as what you defined in Setting/Template
Create New Customer
2. After creating customer with the Default Template for him, create your Invoice for this Customer. When you print the invoice by clicking the Print button, it will be printed by the default selected template.
3. To verify it, click on the Dropdown of the Print button, the default template is selected. You may also print it with other template by selecting other template from the dropdown list.
Print Invoice with Default Template

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